Key objectives

The overall aim of our project is to investigate biological and human well-being benefits provided by agroforestry in tropical landscapes. Large knowledge and data gaps on its potential to close yield gaps and underlying biological mechanisms generate perception challenges hindering wider uptake of agroforestry for sustainable agricultural intensification in small-holder and industrial farms. Our research addresses these gaps combining social and ecological methods to quantify how and to what extent integrated landscape management can enhance benefits to and from agriculture. Our research will address four main objectives with tasks in four work packages:

Objective 1 Investigate four key benefits provided by the study landscape.

Objective 2 Investigate the agronomic potential of natural capital for these benefits.

Objective 3 Validate sustainable intensification through natural capital accounting for biological and human well-being factors.

Objective 4 Contextualise agronomic potential of natural capital considering social and policy dimensions of land management and governance.