Captured helps Elizabeth on journey of self-improvement

Elizabeth Scott forged a successful career in the public sector before motherhood sparked a radical change of heart. With three small children to look after, she was seeking more flexibility in her life so in 2008 she took the plunge and launched Rainbow’s End Coaching with her business partner Jenny Evans.

Elizabeth Scott (left) with Jenny Evans (right), co-founders of Rainbow’s End Coaching

Elizabeth Scott (left) with Jenny Evans (right), co-founders of Rainbow’s End Coaching

Originally the Durham-based company targeted small firms by helping them to overcome personal hurdles associated with running a business. As time went on, Elizabeth and Jenny branched out into the education sector, helping schoolchildren and staff learn coping techniques that could boost their resilience, alleviate stress and improve their state of emotional wellbeing.

“We encourage people to talk about their feelings, manage anxiety and find a way of dealing with stress,” said Elizabeth. “Culturally we see stress as a negative energy but most people need a bit of it to function effectively. It’s all about managing and channelling that energy so that it works for the individual concerned.”

With a culture of self-development at the heart of her business model, Elizabeth was keen to embark on her own journey of self-improvement and saw Captured as a catalyst for this venture. She was matched with Simon Forsyth, quality director at pharma giant GSK, and he worked with her to devise a growth plan that would put Rainbow’s End on a firmer footing.

Elizabeth said: “Simon encouraged me to pare things back, be honest about the business and cast a critical eye on what wasn’t working so well. I discovered that I wasn’t putting enough focus into sales; now my mantra is: sell, sell, sell.

“He made a good analogy about the British rowing team, who follow the idea that they’ll only focus on things that will make their boat go faster. It made perfect sense and I see how it could be applied to companies like mine.”

The analogy appears to have made a lasting impression on Elizabeth, who since meeting with Simon has recruited five associates to deliver the training and a marketing intern to promote the business on social media and other digital channels – freeing up more of her time to concentrate on business strategy and sales.

She’s a firm advocate of Captured, which she feels is more useful to small firms than business growth initiatives that are grounded in theory.

“Theory leaves me cold,” she said. “Owners of small companies learn better by ‘doing’. Captured does what it says on the tin and has a practical element that most small firms will really appreciate.”

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