Nina eyes growth after joining Captured Scheme

Nina Walton has made a living from devising creative marketing solutions that get results for clients. With more than 14 years’ experience of marketing and communications behind her, she launched her consultancy in 2014 to help companies understand how to integrate the different elements of the marketing mix to boost their growth prospects.

For Wirral-born Nina, the decision to launch her own venture was a lifestyle choice alongside an opportunity to diversify and work with a range of different businesses.

Nina Walton

Nina Walton, founder of Nina Walton Marketing and Event Management

She said: “I wanted to learn more as a self-employed person and to have the opportunity to work with different businesses across a range of sectors. This has enriched my experience vastly and further enhanced what I am able to offer my clients. I also felt I could achieve a better work-life balance by running my own business, which has given me more valuable time with my young family.”

Since the launch she has built up a portfolio of regular clients but she knew she had to find ways of generating further growth to keep ahead of the competition in an intensely competitive environment.

That was the reason why Captured appealed to her. The programme matched her with Nick Gray, Managing Director, North and Ireland for respected professional services firm Faithful+Gould – and he has been asking some searching questions.

“Nick has been great for me,” said Nina. “He has allowed me to hold up a mirror to myself. Sometimes you know what the problems are but you need someone to talk through the issue with you.

“In our conversations we’ve focused very much on the “why” and what I wanted to achieve from my business. Eventually I want to grow the business and get an office. Nick has encouraged me to think about why I want an office, where it should be located and the impact of this on costs and cashflow. He has also taught me the value of putting a timescale on projects and provided some challenge around payment terms and pricing.”

Through Captured Nina has also made some useful connections with her fellow delegates and business mentors and hopes to develop those relationships further to help support her business in the future. She has also won work from a business contact whom she met on the programme.

Prior to going solo, she started her career by working in radio, and then for a regional newspaper business where she specialised in events management, advertising and sponsorship. She moved on to head up the marketing function of a major professional services firm in Newcastle, where she spent nine years working across the marketing mix, devising and planning campaigns, managing events and dabbling in PR, social media and business development.

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