Monthly Archives: June 2012

Recent improvements to the School’s website

In recent months we have been steadily improving the school’s website, with a series of coordinated changes and improvements. We’re planning to use this blog platform as an experimental way of reporting on progress for those who are interested. Such posts will be tagged ‘website’: so you can follow (or ignore!) them accordingly.

One of the main focus areas for improving the website is the presentation of our publications and other outputs. Last summer, a student embarked on a project to collate and scan the school’s historic Seminar Reports series, which include papers from Computing Science heavy-weights who attended our hosted Seminars such as Donald Knuth, Edgar Dijkstra and many more.

We have also re-introduced lists of PhD and MPhil theses awarded by the school. Work is ongoing to ensure that the list is comprehensive.

More recently, we have collated a list eminent individuals who were awarded honorary doctorates (and in one case an honorary fellowship) at the behest of the school. Many thanks to Prof. Brian Randell for suggesting this work, assembling the list, tracking down the speeches given for each award as well as photographs of the recipients.