Monthly Archives: July 2012

Two research website developments

I thought I’d quickly write about two developments on the website that will be coming over the next few weeks.

The first is an enhancement to our research student profile pages. At the moment, the University’s research data management system “MyImpact” sadly does not support research students – it is limited to staff only. The MyImpact system is what powers the staff profile and publication sections of school websites. We have therefore had to develop and maintain our own seperate database of research student information to provide the profiles on our website.

One major limitation of this is that we can’t list publications associated with research students on their profile pages: there’s presently no practical way of tying the MyImpact publication data up with our own research student data. We feel it’s important that students have a strong web profile, as it forms part of their public “identity” which may be evaluated by potential recruiters and other academic colleagues.

In the short-to-medium term we plan to address this by looking at Google Scholar. This system lets you maintain a profile and associates you to papers you have authored, fellow academic co-authors, as well as providing some information about citations to your articles. Here’s the Google Scholar profile for our head of school.

Initially we will extend our research student record so that research students can add a link to their Google Scholar page onto their profile. Looking further forward, we hope to explore a deeper integration.

The second enhancement relates to our list of awarded PhD theses. The University Library maintain an E-Theses system which include full-text copies of the theses in many cases, which our listings lack.

Similar to our student profiles, we are initially extending our theses record to incorporate a reference to the corresponding Library record where it exists. We will use this information to enhance our theses listings, graphically indicating which theses have a full text available on the Library site and linking forward to the library record in our detailed theses description pages.

Both of these enhancements should be completed over the next week.

Machine Room project

If you are in CS you are no doubt already aware that the Support team (with invaluable help from our collaborators in ISS) are in the process of decommissioning our two machine rooms and moving our server stock down to the University machine room in SB12.

Over the next few weeks some services will need to have some scheduled downtime as their physical homes are unplugged, moved, and plugged back in. We are contacting individual service owners for the most part, but when a school-wide service is affected we will post an update here and to the cs-all mailing list.

Update to CS Portable Apps

An update to the release channel of the CS Portable Apps was made on June 28

Changes since the  previous release  include:

  • Chrome updated  to V19
  • Putty updated to V0.62 : now supports a Win 7 Jump List for recent sessions and Tasks to run Pageant and PuTTYgen (when pinned to the taskbar)
  • New versions of Irfanview  and  nk2edit
  • Command line version of mysql client
  • Latest Sysinternals utilities
  • A new utility FolderChangesView lets you monitor a folder (optionally including all subfolders) for changes,   providing a quick way of investigating an app or your system’s  behaviour without requiring admin rights nor the trouble of setting up a filter – both required by   Sysinternal’s  procmon