Monthly Archives: May 2013

PGP and Signed/encrypted mail

On Monday 20th, Dr. Matthew Sorell will be giving a Colloquia talk about Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Here are more details about the talk. Please note that colloquia talks are normally limited to members of the school: if you are interested in attending and are not a member of the School please contact the school office to confirm.

Some folks in CS are interested in taking the opportunity to exchange PGP public keys with one another at coffee after the talk. If you would like to participate, please bring along printed copies of your full PGP public key fingerprint and some form of identification (passport or driving license are good).

If you would like to take part and do not yet have a PGP key, I’ve put together some quick instructions on how to generate a key and what software to use on the CS support wiki. The wiki should be accessible to any member of Newcastle University but you may need to authenticate using your University username and password. Improvements to that page are very much welcome!