Monthly Archives: June 2013

Computing Science Website Update for June 2013

Website Front Page

We have updated the front page of our website to match the new site sections that have been recently added. In addition to the previous four main site sections (‘About Us’, ‘Research’, ‘For Current Students’, ‘Study With Us’), we have added a main link to the internal staff webpages, and a new ‘Working With Schools’ section, which provides information about all the activities with schools, ranging from events for school children to training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers.

Events Pages

The ‘Colloquia and Seminars’ page has been simplified to list both types of events together (rather than as separate lists), with new and future events also listed separately from historic/past events.

We have also updated the events listed elsewhere on the Computing Science site, including those listed at ‘Working With Schools‘, and aim to do the same for the research groups soon .e.g. The Biology, Neurosciences and Computing Events.

New page added for ‘Social Networking: Students and Graduates’

We have setup a new social networking page (which is also mentioned on the new front page) that lists the range of web-services, social networking and news links provided by the School for students and graduates of Computing Science at Newcastle University.

Research Group Galleries

For each of the research group pages, we now provide a gallery of photos for the staff in those groups.  For example, if you view the ‘Biology, Neurosciences and Computing’ group pages and then selected ‘People’ (from the sidebar), you will see a ‘Gallery’ option in the sidebar.  If you click on this link you will see a list of photos for the staff in the group.