Monthly Archives: July 2013

Historic TRs newly available online

Thanks to the help of Nicholas Caughey, we have managed to locate and scan several historical School Technical Reports which were missing from our digital archive. The following TRs are now available:

Dr. Stuart Wheater’s TR happens to be his PhD thesis and can be also be found amongst our growing collection of online PhD theses. At the time of writing its the sole thesis from 1990 available, and the second-oldest thesis available in our collection (the oldest is from 1988).

If you happen to be the author or supervisor of a thesis/student and possess a digital copy that we currently lack in our collection, please get in touch!

Research Group Galleries on the School Website

In the previous blog for website updates (in June), we reported that each of the research group pages now have a gallery of photos for the staff and students in those groups.  The Digital Interaction group, with much help from Patrick Olivier, now has a complete up-to-date list of photos for the current students and staff in his group.  We hope to have update staff  and student lists for all the other group Galleries soon.