Monthly Archives: October 2013

Computing Science Website Update for October 2013


WordClouds comprise of key terms/phrases used to describe the research of academic members.  The EPSRC (Research Perspectives) have generated WordClouds for the academic members of our school which we have listed on this page; if you scroll down the page you will see a list of WordClouds, each linking to a separate staff members webpage.  The aim of the puzzle is to see if you can figure out which person the cloud describes, before you click on it.

As well as the PhD thesis page, we now have two separate pages listing the MPhil and MSc theses for the School.  These pages are working progress and we hope to have more theses listed on these pages soon.

Postgraduate Studies

We have added a new postgraduate student handbook to the website which details all the important information needed for postgraduate studies, as well as the forms required for student studies such as travel expenses, risk assessments etc.