Monthly Archives: July 2014

Revamped Support Team website

Today we are making public our new, revamped support team website at

This new, publicly-accessible site is the result of a large effort to review all the content on our former website, the internally-accessible-only Support Team Wiki.

The older wiki was organised around the notion of “Guides”, one per operating system, such as “Linux Guide”, “Mac Guide”, etc. There was a wealth of information but much of it was out of date and as a result the general impression of the wiki’s reliability was lowering. The structure also suffered from duplication where information was common across platforms.

For the new site, we have reworked the structure to be centred around three principles:

  • Services – the portfolio of services we offer the School;
  • Policies – what our policies are for some of our services, e.g. hardware refresh cycles;
  • Advice – tips and tricks for getting things done, including supplementary information for services from other teams,  tailored to our audience.

We hope the new site, incorporating much of the content from the old site, is found to be more useful and up-to-date. However we’re aware that there is a lot more work to do! If you find something that is inaccurate, misleading or simply missing, please get in touch to let us know – via the “Report a problem with this web page” link at the bottom of every page, where appropriate.

Rack lab summer upgrade

2014-07-09 13.57.29

As you may know the Support Team is looking to upgrade the Rack Lab to a Windows 8.1 build this summer.

In order to test the new build for compatibility we have placed ‘first draft’ of our “Lab 8.1 Build” in the Mill for people to test out.

As well as the teaching staff directly involved with the Rack, we encourage everyone else in the School to take a look at the machine and give us any feedback about what works well, and what is missing / broken.

Microsoft Internet Information Server on Desktop PCs

Due to an administrative error, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is running on a number of recently built desktop machines.

In response, we are planning to apply a policy which will disable it on any campus managed desktop machine within Computing Science. We will do this on Friday 11th July.

If you are deliberately running IIS on your desktop, this will disable it. Please raise a ticket with CS support so we can work out the best way to address your requirement.

If you don’t know what IIS is, don’t panic, this won’t affect you.