Computing Science Website Update for March 2015

The old internal website for staff ( is to be retired in the near future. The School has moved much of the content and facilities from these pages to the new internal site for staff at: Until recently, both sites have been running in parallel while the content has shifted from the old site to the new one.

Information and documents on the new internal site include: Administrative Duties, Staff Handbooks, Annual Reports, Welcome Week (induction information), Archive Handbooks and Regulations.

Also, for updating theses and staff/student records, the following facilities are available on the new pages,

1) Staff/Student Records and Telephone Lists, for updating:

Telephone Lists, your own records, adding staff/student records, adding/updating taught student records.

2) Adding Theses, for updating:

PhD, MSc, MPhil theses titles and abstracts.

The only facility remaining on the old/previous internal pages is the ‘ request leave‘ section for staff to request holidays, this will move to the new internal website soon.

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