Computing Science Website Update for October


The library have full theses online via the E-Theses service.  We are now linking to those records that are available. The ‘pdf’ symbols on the Theses page represent those full records that are in the E-Thesis service (that we link to).

The library has also agreed to enter the remaining records (for us to link to) if we can source them (electronically) and gain permission from the author.  If any staff members who have their thesis title listed on our pages, also has a digital copy and would like to make their thesis available to the library for public viewing, please let us know.

We have been further revising and expanding the pages for our research groups. The Concurrent Asynchronous Systems group page is now completed.


We have further updated our historic records. From 1957 to 1989 The Computing Laboratory at Newcastle University each year documented all the research, teaching and service activities within the Laboratory and also set out future plans for the forthcoming year. These activities and plans were compiled in an annual report entitled ‘Report of the Director’. The annual reports for each year are available now as ‘pdf’ files.

Visual Media

We are also trialling Vimeo for the storage and displaying of video media. The videos on the webpage Brian Randell’s 75th Birthday Seminar are all sourced from a Vimeo account and we would like feedback for how you think this works and for further improvements.



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