Newcastle Cosmology Group

Professor Ian Moss (Group Leader)

My research focuses on the inflationary model of the very early universe, and the various quantum processes responsible for the origin of density fluctuations and other major features of the universe. The inflationary model has become the predominant model of the early universe as, one by one, all of its predictions have been confirmed by observation. 

Dr Paul McFadden

My research interests include theoretical cosmology, holographic dualities, conformal field theory and general relativity.

Dr Gerasimos Rigopoulos

I work on both Early Universe Cosmology (Inflation, quantum theory of inflationary perturbations and its stochastic formulation, quantum fields and implications for quantum gravity) and Late Universe Cosmology (Effective theories of cosmological perturbations, semi-analytic methods for the non-linear regime of structure formation).

Dr Danielle Leonard

I am interested in testing and constraining extensions to the standard cosmological model, especially alternative theories of gravity and dynamical dark energy. To do this, I use observables which are sensitive to the growth of large-scale structure, in particular weak gravitational lensing and galaxy clustering.

Dr Cora Uhlemann

I am a theoretical cosmologist working on modelling the cosmic large-scale structure in the nonlinear regime and using it to probe fundamental physics and cosmology. My research focuses on solving the gravitational dynamics of dark matter and developing galaxy clustering statistics.

Mario Gutierrez Abed

I am currently doing my PhD in mathematical aspects of theoretical cosmology. More specifically, I work at the intersection of numerical general relativity and theoretical cosmology (or, as I like to call it, “Cosmological Numerical Relativity”).

Kate Brown

I’m predominantly interested in phase transitions in quantum systems. I’m currently using an analogue cold atom system to model the electroweak phase transition. I’m interested in how bubbles of true vacuum formed, evolved and interacted in the early universe.

Francesca Caloro

I am currently doing my PhD in momentum-space conformal field theories and holographic cosmology. In general, I am interested in symmetries and their breaking. My background is in effective field theories for low-energy QCD.

Ashley Wilkins

I am currently looking at how the Non-Perturbative Renormalisation Group can be applied to stochastic processes. This has implications for both molecular simulations of mesoscale physics and for stochastic inflation in the early universe

Marios Bounakis