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In situ hybridisation showing the expression of type II collagen (red) and type X collagen (green) in the cartilage growth plate. Type X is a marker of hypertrophic chondrocytes at the bottom of the growth plate.


Transmission electron microscopy image showing a tenocyte (tendon cell) embedded in the matrix of type I collagen (grey circles are collagen bundles)


In situ hybridisation looking at expression of type Indain Hedhehog (Ihh) in mouse growth plate.


Immunohistochemistry for matrilin 3 (green) and type II collagen (red) in the cartilage growth plate. The nuclei are stained blue (DAPI).


3D reconstruction of a chondron from mice harbouring V194D matrilin-3 mutation (spot the enlarged ER inside the cells, full of mutant protein!)


Cells cultured on plastic expressing matrilin 3 (in green). Matrilin 3 appears to associate with matrix microfibrils.


Adipocytes differentiated from mesenchymal stem cells.


A collage of Picrosirus Red (orange) and DAPI (slightly overexposed; grey) staining of decellularised (bottom half) and cell-seeded decellularised (top half) murine femoral heads.