How many staff and students have accessed Blackboard since early September 2012?

A question me and my colleagues occasionally get asked is…...How many staff and students use Blackboard? Well it depends what you mean by use, but here are a few metrics provided by Google Analytics with regards to Blackboard here at Newcastle University.

Ncl Bb analytics

The numbers listed here refer to the period from 03.09.12 to 22.11.12.

At the present time in order to access Blackboard you need a University username and password. So as you can see it is accessed a great deal by staff and students with an average of over 16 pages browsed per visit for just over 7 minutes per visit.
From statistics provided by the Blackboard application during the same period over 21000 active users (staff and students combined) logged into Blackboard. This is an impressive percentage if you take into account the total number of staff and students at the University based upon 2011/12 data. From this data total student number is 21,045 and total staff is 5096. From these two totals a significant number will not use Blackboard at all (Research based, operational and specialist staff, some medical Programmes). By my guesstimate if you reduce that total to around a potential total of 23000 you can see that a high percentage of staff and students use the institutional Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard.

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