Enrolling staff on to your modules

As an Instructor (Modules) or a Leader (Community) in Blackboard you have the permission to enrol colleagues on to your Module/Community. At the current time we have 3 main roles within Blackboard.

  1. Instructor/Leader – this allows you to add/edit content, access the Grade Centre and enrol colleagues
  2. Teaching Assistant – All of the above apart from enrolling colleagues
  3. Student/Participant – Can view and participate in activities. No editing rights apart from within the group tool (if enabled)

You may also have heard of “guest access”. This is not currently enabled by default BUT if you are interested in using this feature please contact QuILT or the IT Service Desk.

Enrolling Staff
Log into your module and navigate to Control Panel > Users and Groups> Users.

  • Move mouse cursor over the Enrol User button
  • From the drop-down select “Find Users to Enrol”
  • On the next screen enter the staff username, e.g. nak55. From the role drop-down select the role, e,g, Instructor
  • Click Submit. You have enrolled a colleague on to your module.

4 thoughts on “Enrolling staff on to your modules”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    If I have 20 or so staff I’d like to enrol, as happens with project modules where staff are supervisors, is it possible to do this as a bulk enrolment (rather than 1 at a time)?

    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the comment. You can add them into the text field seperated by commas all on one line and then click submit. For example: nas12,nas15,nah89….and so on. Does that answer your query?

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