Using Images

One powerful feature of the online tests is that they can include images both in the question and as answers. Students can zoom in to the images if they need to see them better (by pressing ‘ctrl’ and ‘+’ on the keyboard or with the mouse wheel.)

There are some things that you do need to consider when using images:

  • Please remember that more checking of the online version of the exam  may be required to ensure the images appear correctly
  • Screens may vary slightly in terms of contrast and resolution. Ensure that images are very clear, particularly where detail is important. Make sure that arrows or labels are suitable such that if the colour is slightly off on the monitor, or light is shining on the screen, the information can be ascertained. Use dark colours and reasonably thick lines if possible.
  • If you are supplying us with the paper for conversion from Word, please use the recommended format and include the image within the body of the question ie after the question number and before the first answer. For example:

1. What geometric term is represented by the image below?

a. a corner
*b. a cross-section
c. the circumference
d. the perimeter

  • Remember that the questions will be displayed ‘one at a time.’ Images that are required for more than one question will have to be repeated. Figure numbers are unnecessary.

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