Bootstrap and other developments in ePortfolio

 As ePortoflio is built in-house, it is regularly updated to meet the requirements of the staff and students in the University. The main developments to take part during the rest of the academic year are as follows:

Upgrading Django to version 1.8

EPortfolio is coded using Django programming language. We have been running on version 1.4 but this needs upgraded to ensure we are working with a supported codebase. You could compare this to the upgrading of windows from windows XP to Windows 7 to make sure the software receives security updates.


The current version of ePortfolio is not responsive, and so does not work well on a mobile device. We will be adding a new theme to ePortfolio that will provide extra functionality and allow the ePortfolio to be responsive. This will give ePortfolio a fresh new look and design but the core functionality will still be the same.

Admin recording of meetings

We will be developing the functionality to allow administration teams to record and offer meetings on behalf or personal tutors. We hope this will help ensure that all students are offered tutor meetings. This does not mean any change in the policy – it is still the responsibility of personal tutors to make sure those offers are occurring. How this functionality is used will be decided by Schools.

Meeting slots

Meeting slots are one of the most popular ways of setting up meetings with your tutees. We are looking to develop meeting slots to allow them to be used by bespoke groups of students.  For example, you could use meeting slots with a whole module, or with your dissertation students.
Applying bootstrap to ePortfolio will change the look of the system and we will not do this during term time. We are aiming to do this in the summer.  The admin recording of meetings, and meeting slot work will be developed at the same time. Until that point, ePortfolio will not have any new functionality developed, as we would have to recode it one bootstrap is applied.

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