New release of ePortfolio

The new responsive version of ePortfolio has been launched today. Over 30% of users of ePortfolio are doing so from their mobile device, and the older version of ePortfolio did not function well on smaller mobile screens. With this new launch, we have made some major and many minor tweaks to the system. These are outlined below:

Changes to the front page

  • No icons on the front page, now in a drop down list

The icon set that was on the front page of ePortfolio has been transformed into a drop down menu. Select the symbol with 9 circles at the top of ePortfolio to access all the functionality. 10

  • Tutees have an ‘add meeting’ option on the homepage. Tutors can use this to quickly record / offer meetings with their tutees.
  • Shortcuts to main tools (adding post, add meeting)
  • Find a person – new search tool added that allows you to search for any users in the ePortfolio system.
  • Tabbed layout
 Your homepage is now set out in a tabbed form, allowing for several of the main areas of functionality that will

Changes to the blog tool

  •  Tiles instead of a list view.

The blog is now displayed in a fresher looking tile view. The tags are displayed in a nicer cloud at the side of the page. The filtering by tag functionality is the same as before, as is the ability to download filtered blog posts using tags.

  • Adding a blog post from several areas of ePortfolio, including the homepage.
  • Easier filtering of blog posts
The standard front page of the blog shows your posts, as well as all other posts shared with you, including those posted into communities that you are a member of. You can filter these using the filter panel on the left-hand side.
 Blog filtering image
  • Changes to the links between blog posts and skills

In the older version of ePortfolio, whenever a blog post was saved this took you through to the skills area to connect that post against a competency framework such as the Graduate Skills Framework. While this was useful for some, other may not wish to link their posts against a framework. There is now a skills option in the form, allowing you to add your post to the relevant skills. As previously, you can go into the skills area through the My Skills option in the menu, then add a blog post directly against a skill.

  • Images can be added directly to blog posts

Images can now be added into the blog posts, without having to attach them as files, and these do not count towards your file quota.

Changes to the My Skills area

  • Files and posts have been separated out. The is now sections for related posts, related files, and the framework component descriptor.
  • Filter posts to see evidence shared with you.


  • Different area to manage subscriptions and to add your own set


Changes to my communities

You can add a blog post into a community straight from the My communities homepage. Use the Add Post button next to the relevant community.


Other miscellaneous 

  • No ‘x’ in the bottom right-hand corner of boxes.
In the old version of ePortfolio, most of the pop-up boxes would require you to click the cross in the bottom right-hand corner of the box. This was not intuitive as people are used to options to close windows in the top right-hand corner. With the new pop-up boxes, you only need to click somewhere outside the box for the box to close. This helps it to be responsive.
  • New search tool
A new search tool has been added. This is used when adding people to share and supervision groups, and when adding others to meetings. When in the old ePortfolio system you would have to confirm the addition into a group/meeting with a response to “Are you sure Y/N” – this has now been removed. Click the tick button to add the user.

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