New release of ePortfolio

We have launched an updated version of ePortfolio today. The main update made is the functionality that will allow administrators to record meetings on behalf of tutors. They can create individual and group meetings in advance, or retrospectively. They cannot create meeting slots. We are running training webinars on the administration interface.

It is still the responsibility of the tutor to ensure meetings are arranged. The decision to use the admin functionality is a local one to be taken within an academic unit, this email should not be taken as a presumption that your School Office is offering this support.

The full list of developments in the release are:

Admin recordings of meetings

  • Creation of new meetings admin role and a backend application to manage who has this role.
  • Administrators can create, edit and delete meetings.
  • Administrators can create group meetings.
  • Log files will be created with a list of changes by administrators
  • Administrator history for meetings so admins can review previous .
  • Backend administrator ability to view/edit/delete admin meeting logs.

Other developments

  • A new dropdown on the homepage to add students in stages to meeting/slot/emails.
  • Show programme and relevant stage for students in Find Person search results.
  • When viewing search results, show a popup when clicking ‘View’ rather than taking user away from search.
  • allow adding of new students to existing meeting slots
  • add ‘print’ button to blog post.
  • info tab on student profile showing current programme registrations.
  • show safety confirmation dialog box when clicking outside or closing blog post without saving. This will stop work being lost accidentally.

2 thoughts on “New release of ePortfolio”

  1. I’m not sure how valuable this is for most pastoral/ personal tutors who probably don’t have admin staff to do the recording for them. What would be of greater use is a functional spell check in the note keeping section rather than the current rather random and unhelpful version. In addition the need to click three times to confirm a meeting took place, and is some cases to be reminded to confirm a meeting took place when in fact you’ve already done this.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Ian, I will pass this on to the development team. The admin functionality has been quite popular with a lot of administration staff attending training sessions. I appreciate this will not apply to every tutor in the University though.

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