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Uploading additional grades/marks to the Grade Centre

You may have assessments that take place and are not initially created/recorded in your module, for example, a presentation, a studio crit or a performance. In these cases you can upload the marks into the grade centre. If any of the images on this page are too small to view click on them and you will see a larger version. Select BACK to return to the blog posting. In order to

full grade centrecomplete this it is a three stage process:

1. Download the grade centre. Visit the Full Grade Centre in the Control Panel area. Once you are in the Grade Centre area select the Work Offlinearea on the right hand side of the window. In the next window select the options relevant to you. If you wish to download all of the grade centre information select full grade centre. See the image below for a more detailed explanation of the options. grade centre download optionsOnce you have clicked Submit you will see this screen. Now click on the DOWNLOAD button.Download GradesThis will have downloaded a file to your PC/drive.IMPORTANT:When you open this file you will see a message, similar to the one below… YES.Yes
2. Amend the xls/csv file.Now add the column(s) of data to your file . Make sure the students listed are in the same order as the information that you are about to enter. Save the file on your PC/drive. In the example below I used File > Save As and as you will see the format that is displayed is unicode text.

3. Upload the xls/csv file
Once you have saved the file that you wish to upload. Return to the full grade centre and the Work Offline area. Select Upload as detailed in the image below.

Locate your file and upload it.

Confirmation of uploaded file.

Amended view of the grade centre with the new column and data for the students.