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Newcastle University Students & Staff Partnership Forum

Aims and membership

The work of the Forum is determined by the participants. All (staff and students) are welcome to participate. You propose your ideas for areas/issues, with the intention of building a group who share the same interest to explore and enhance this, through a process you decide yourselves- it could be an idea to try and put into practice, and then evaluate, or explore through dialogue and/or scholarship. Some people just come along and have an informal discussion – which is just fine.

The Forum started in 2015 (when it was called the Learning and Teaching Forum – the name has changed at participants’ request, to be more inclusive). A number of projects have emerged, some of which continuing to progress.

  • PICNIC – opportunities for students to visit other UK universities on short exchange visits
  • Improving induction and integration for PG students
  • Supporting student well-being

However (your) new ideas and topics are welcome We fund student internships this year to bring fresh ideas and to help support projects.

What’s in it for you?

  • The Forum provides an opportunity to focus on learning, teaching and student support issues – but on the aspects you care about
  • For those of you who want to promote and progress the scholarship of teaching and learning- this is very much about that (and hopefully may progress your career too)
  • The chance to hear about and share good practice and innovative ideas
  • You can act (if you wish) as an advocate/rep for your own subject area/degree


Ideally you will take part in this for at least one semester. We will offer support and advice and assist in networking too. We will provide venues for meetings at regular intervals (monthly) although we recognise that you may find it more convenient to organise your own group meetings.


If you like to know more about the Forum, contact