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Transferring scores from Blackboard to NESS

To save the scores to a spreadsheet (csv file)

Note: It is much easier to transfer the scores if NESS is set up so that you can transfer the raw score. In other words, if the test is out of 55, set up the field in NESS  (in Exams>Setting>>Set Up Assessment)  to be out of 55. You can then download and import the raw score from Blackboard.

  1. Go to Grade Centre then Tests (or Full Grade Centre or other types of assessment).
  2. If necessary change the score to display as a score rather than as a percentage by selecting Edit Column Information from the drop-down menu on the column and change the Primary display to Score.  You can set the secondary display to percentage if you like without affecting the upload to NESS.
  3. Click Work offline (near top right) and then Download.

Choose selected column and then find the column for the exam form the drop-down list:

  1. Where it says Delimiter type, choose Comma. 
  2. Scroll down and click Submit.
  3. If you  have downloaded percentages, you may need to remove the percentage sign from the spreadsheet before upload into NESS. This is tricky to do so we would recommend setting NESS up to take the raw score (see note at top of page).

Upload into NESS

The following is from the NESS manual and explains how to upload into NESS

Exam Mark Entry – Upload Exam Marks


Side Menu drop down area>>Choose a MODULE CODE


Please be very careful about ticking: Register Students if Needed box as some students may have attended who are not actually taking the module. Only tick this if you are sure the extra student should be on the module.

The data in your file must be either Tab or Comma Separated and lines terminated with newline; you should select the appropriate option for Tab or Comma Separated, depending on the file type. In the Student No Index box enter the column number on your spreadsheet where the Student Number is and in the Written Examination 1 Mark box enter the column number where the mark is for the exam mark. Leave the other boxes blank. Then Browse for the file where your marks are stored and click Upload. There is a no store check box which should be used if you want to check before you store.

If you have set up the exam paper with separate questions you will not have the Written Examination 1 Mark box you will have Written Examination 1 Question 1 Mark Index etc. in which to enter column numbers (there will be a box for each question you have set up).