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Using Mobile Devices as Clickers- Responseware

ResponseWare allows students to use laptops, tablets and smartphones as virtual clickers to engage in the learning process. ResponseWare is a web-enabled response option that lets students engage with the devices they are most familiar with.

The software is part of TurningPoint and integrates seamlessly with existing TurningPoint presentations. Where it differs is that it allows for alphanumeric entry via mobile phone style input or a QWERTY style keyboard. The diversity of alphanumeric entry increases communication options and allows students to easily submit responses during interactive lectures. ResponseWare displays the question and answer choices on the students’ mobile devices during polling.

Respond to Multiple Question Types

  • Multiple-choice
  • Alphanumeric
  • Multiple response
  • Essay

ResponseWare requires no special software to install or configure, and works with web browsers across multiple platforms and operating systems. Additionally, students can download the ResponseWare mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices to take advantage of the specific features and functionality available with their device.

If you are interested in trialing Responseware please contact the IT Service Desk ( for more information.

About this blog

This blog provides information and support relating to the Turnitin/Grademark service offered by the University

Turnitin have developed a suite of tools that enable final and draft  assignment submission, plagiarism checking and self checking, online marking and feedback of assignments and peer assessment of written work. Newcastle University have a site-license for these products.

  • Turnitin is a ‘text matching service’ which compares submitted student assignments to a corpus of websites, journals and previous student submissions.
  • GradeMark enables online marking and feedback through typed comments, re-usable comments, a marking ‘rubric’ and recorded audio comments.
  • PeerMark allows students to mark classmates’ work against a criteria set up by the instructor. There are options to allocate peers work to mark or assign the marking randomly.

This blog contains helpful links, up to date information and tips on using these services