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Error: ‘OMBEA Response is being blocked…’


When presenting you get the error message: “OMBEA Response is being blocked and cannot work properly. Please ensure that Microsoft PowerPoint and OMBEA Response have full privileges. If the problem persists please contact OMBEA support.”


We currently have a workaround that we recommend you carry out prior to presenting if your Ombea slides already contain session data from an earlier presentation.

If the error prompt appears the steps below will remedy the problem:

  1. Go to Clear Results and clear the Session History. OMBEA will loop through each slide clearing the data until it finds a corrupt slide.
  2. When the error message comes up, dismiss it and then look through the presentation to find the first slide that has not been reset. This is the corrupt slide.
  3. Delete the chart on this slide alone but do not replace it yet.
  4. Loop back to the first step and repeat just in case there is another corrupt slide in the presentation.
  5. Once you’ve managed to clear the entire session with no error messages, go to the Properties and add the charts back in but only to the slides you had to delete them from. These slides can be identified by ‘No Chart’ in the Chart Type setting.

We appreciate this is by no means ideal, especially during a lecture, but we will be applying a fix over the Easter break to all campus PCs. If you have administrative rights to your machine you can download the latest version here: