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New version of Responseware

We have been upgraded to the latest version of Responseware. There is no going back, which at this present time is a double-edged sword. The new version brings with it an improved UI and web interface but no additional functionality. However, it has removed the ability to customise Session IDs. I have spoken to our rep and he assures me that they will reinstate this in the next version (Apparently we weren’t the only ones to complain about it).

Here is a summary of some of the things you will need to be aware of in the new version:

Register for a Turning Technologies account as an Instructor

Go to: and register as an instructor using your email. This will add you to the university license and allow you to create sessions.

Participants connecting to sessions as guests

When students open the app or browse to to join a session as a guest they will be prompted to input some participant information including a user ID. This is optional and students do not have to enter this information to participate. If they do enter the information you can use it to track responses.

Disabled customised Session IDs

They have promised to re-instate this in a future update but as it stands you will not be able to create your own Session IDs with this version.