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Hiding/Unhiding a Grade Centre column

  1. Go to the course/module in Blackboard
  2. Under the Control Panel, click Grade Centre then Full Grade Centre
  3. Find the column associated with the assignment. New assignments appear at the right. You may need to scroll across.
  4. Find the column and use the drop down menu and then click Hide from Students (on/off)

When you are happy for students to see their grades and feedback, return to the Grade Centre and repeat the above steps

Downloading Turnitin Assignments

You can download the student assignments from Turnitin by following the steps below.

  1. Access Turnitin using the Turnitin Assignment section in Course Tools.bp1
  2. Select the relevant assignment from the list of Turnitin Assignments shown.bp2
  3. Use the empty squares next to each name to select the relevant assignments you wish to download.bp3
  4. If you wish to download all of them, use the box at the top to select all the names.You will see a yellow bar appear, and on this yellow area towards the right-hand side of the page is a download button. You have the options to download:
    • The original papers
    • The original papers as .pdf
    • The grademark paper (i.e. with quickmark comments, etc)

Turniitin screenshot

Issue with – Reveal grades to students only on post date?

Tii_no_defaultWe have discovered that there is an issue with the “Reveal grades to students only on post date?” setting within Turnitin. We have made Turnitin aware of this issue and are waiting for a resolution/advice.

At the moment it will be worth checking the settings in your Turnitin assignments because unless you have explicitly selected the YES radio button they are defaulting to NO. It is also putting this setting back to NO if you select the option at the foot of the page “Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments?”

For an explanation also look at the image in the post (click on the image to view a larger version).

This means that as soon as you assign a grade to the work students have submitted they will be able to view that grade. For some of you this may not be an issue at all but for others it may be.

In addition if you wish to make sure that the grades are released to students when you wish look at this earlier post.

GradeMark scores and the Blackboard GradeCentre

If you are using GradeMark through  to score students work, the scores will be transferred to the Blackboard Grade Centre.

If you need to ensure the grades are released at the correct time and not ahead of time, you need to do the following:

  1. When creating the assignment, ensure the ‘post date’ is set to the time when you want students to be able to see Grades.
  2. Ensure you have set an appropriate points total (usually 100)
  3. Ensure that you click ‘More options’ so that you can find  ‘Reveal grades to students only on post date?’ and set it to ‘Yes’
  4. Finally, go to the Grade Centre in Blackboard and hide the Grade Centre Column (See separate post)