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Students viewing their feedback via GradeMark

If your students need a reminder on how they can access their feedback on assignments this will help.

To view your GradeMark feedback

1 Follow the same link you used to submit your work

2 To view your marked paper, select the blue View button next to the assignment. Your paper will open in a separate window where you can read the feedback or print the grade and comment information. We recommend that you use Chrome (or Safari for Mac users) to access your feedback.

view feedback screen clip

Tip: If the GradeMark View button is grey, the return date and time for the assignment has not been reached. If you are trying to view the feedback after this time and it is still greyed out, please check with your School Office.

Submitting scanned images

It is sometimes necessary to include a scanned image in an assignment, for example if you want to include a picture of a model or a display or a poster you’ve created.

If your entire document is an image file, this cannot be read by Turnitin, irrespective of whether there is text in the image or not, or whether you save it as a pdf or not. While we can distinguish the text within the image, software can’t and the file will be rejected by Turnitin. If you are submitting to a Turnitin assignment in a Blackboard module, this means that your work is not submitted.

To include an image in an assignment there are a number of options and you should check which is acceptable with your module tutor

1. use a Word document; include some text on the first page, for example, the title of the assessment, or a completed cover sheet; add the images you want to the Word file as Insert > Picture, give them captions to identify them. Save the document and submit it.

2. use a PowerPoint document; use the first slide to include text, eg the title of the assignment or a completed cover sheet using Insert> Object> Select from file and browse for the document. Add the images you want as subsequent slides. Save the document and submit it.

Student lists in Turnitin incorrect/incomplete

On occasion, particularly when enrolments change after Turnitin assignments are created, the lost of students shown in Turnitin may be incomplete/incorrect. This is easily resolved using the ‘Roster Sync’ button.

1. Go to the Turnitinuk Assignments area of your module (Control Panel, Course Tools, Turnitin Assignmments and then the name of the assignment).

2. Click the Roster Sync link

This should fix the problem.