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Blackboard Group Sets

Just a quick warning if you are planning on defining groups to be used in WebPA  via Blackboard you need to do two things:

  • define the groups as a “Group Set” rather than individual groups.   Individual groups will not sync with WebPA.  See: GroupSync for more details.
  • Ensure that the group set is visible when you do the sync (you can hide them afterwards)

If there is no requirement to define groups in Blackboard, or the cohort is small (eg 30) it is likely to be easier to define groups with the WebPA group editor see WebPA Group Editor

Can’t download reports from WebPA using IE 8

We’ve come across a problem whereby users can’t download reports from WebPA using IE8 on campus-managed desktops.

We’ve investigated this but been unable to resolve it for campus PCs.  To get around this:

  • Use a different browser (Chrome and Firefox work well).
  • Use a newer version of IE (if your computer is centrally managed you can request that your computing officer applies “3 central i.e 9 Upgrade (Windows 7 Only)” to your PC.