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Blackboard Group Sets

Just a quick warning if you are planning on defining groups to be used in WebPA  via Blackboard you need to do two things:

  • define the groups as a “Group Set” rather than individual groups.   Individual groups will not sync with WebPA.  See: GroupSync for more details.
  • Ensure that the group set is visible when you do the sync (you can hide them afterwards)

If there is no requirement to define groups in Blackboard, or the cohort is small (eg 30) it is likely to be easier to define groups with the WebPA group editor see WebPA Group Editor

How WebPA works out scores

WebPA uses student assessments to work out the relative contribution of group members.  Each group member is given a WebPA score representing their contribution determined from their peers.  The WebPA score is then used with the group score to generate individual marks.

The WebPA website has some good resources including: A worked example of the scoring algorithm and Effective Practice Using WebPA

If you would like to find out more about WebPA’s scoring we’ve put together a few additional resources

  1. WebPA weighting  (video (.docx)
  2. How WebPA normalises and works out WebPA scores (video) (.docx)
  3. Excel Workbook simulation (video explanation) (.xlsx)