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Create an Assessment

The Assessment brings together your form, the Group Sets (collections) and enables you to determine whether to assess run the assessment as a “self and peer” assessment or “peer only” assessment.  You decide when the assessment opens and closes.

From the Tutor sidebar click my assessments, then Create Assessment

Create Assessment

The on-screen prompts will take you through the process.  See my assessment on the WebPAProject Website for more information.

Gathering Feedback

feedback options

One of the advanced options you can select after creating a form relates to feedback.

You can opt to provide students with feedback on this assessment

  • This only gives them an indication of their performance in the team

You can ask students to enter text to justify their scores for each team member.

  • This is only visible to the instructor and could be useful when moderating marks.  Text comments cannot be accessed by students.

Open Assessments

When the assessment is open for student submissions it will be shown in the Open assessments tab.

In this state you cannot:

  • Modify students or groups
  • change the assessment form

You can however, alter the open/closed dates and feedback and self/peer options.

Checking Progress

Who has responded

The “Who’s responded” button gives you a quick way of checking how many students have completed the peer assessment. You can email the groups from WebPA or Blackboard if a little encouragement would help.

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Checking Student Submissions to WebPA

How do students know they have completed the assessment?

When the assessment has been completed and saved WebPA shows a clear indication on the screen.  Assessment saved

WebPA will not let students resubmit (unless the Tutor clears the attempt).

One way for students to double check is to return to WebPA at a later date and click Take Assessment

WebPA informs the student that they have already submitted:

already saved

How can Tutors check individual student activity?

Tutors can check individual student activity on each WebPA assessment.  This can be helpful in the case of disputes, eg, a student claims they have completed the assessment, but no submission has been recorded.

  • Logon as an instructor to Blackboard (as you would normally)
  • Use the WebPA link from your Blackboard Module to enter the assessment under dispute.
  • Click on View Data

view data

  • Click Student
  • Click on the student whose access you wish to examine

You will be show the log records for this student, similar to the list below:
log details

Log records are listed with the most recent record at the top.

  • Login: shows when the student opened WebPA from Blackboard
  • Assessment started: shows that they opened the assessment
  • Assessment submission failed: this will be written if the student has not completely filled out the assessment (eg: missed a score out for one of their peers).
  • Assessment submission successful:  written to the log at the same time that students receive “your marks have been saved” message.