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Create a Form

create a form

The documentation on the WebPA site has a good summary of the options for creating forms:

Your questions can be designed to use Likert or Split-100 scoring. You can preview the form as you create it.

Form preview

Where are My Forms?

In the context of the LTI version of WebPA My Forms will pull up a list of forms created in this Link to WebPA.  It will not show forms that you have created for other modules.  Thankfully the forms you have already created are shown as you work through the Create Assessment Wizard.

Form list during Create Assessment

Tip:  To check which forms will be available to you you can click the Clone Form button.  This shows the forms you have access to from other WebPA links in modules where you are an instructor.

You may also wish to clone an existing form, or import one from a previous version of WebPA.


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Cloning Forms

Once you have created a form you can reuse it on multiple modules.  If there are activity specific criteria you may wish to create a template form that you clone and customise for individual settings.

Clone an Form

From your module open a link to WebPA

From My Forms select Clone Form

clone form

Choose form to clone

Name it

Once the form is cloned you can add or edit criteria.

Importing Forms

The export function of WebPA gives you an archived version of your form saved as an .XML file. This XML file provides a useful backup, and where we have been making system changes, it provides a mechanism to move forms between WebPA instances.

To import a form for use in a module

  • Open a WebPA instance from that module.
  • From My forms select Import Forms

From here you can either:

Open the XML file in notepad, and cut and paste it’s contents into Load form by ‘cut and paste”

load by cut and paste

Or, use Load form by XML file, then click Load

load by xml file

WebPA will notify you that:

form loaded