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Negative Marking

It is possible to use negative marking through Blackboard. Before deciding to use negative marking you need to:

  • Consider whether negative marking tests student’s strategy to risk taking rather than their knowledge of your subject. See Times Higher Education article.
  • Read up on the literature that suggests there may be a gender bias. Example study. 

If you decide you are going to use negative marking you should:

  • Ensure your students are fully aware of the marking and the consequences of guessing. Ideally, they will have experienced a negatively marked practice exam.
  • Understand that the negative marking is not part of our conversion process from a Word document through Respondus. We will work with you to set up the negative marking the first time you use it. You will need to allow us more time to set this up. We will ask you to then amend the online version of the exam in future years, rather than start from a Word document.