Assessing the Doctorate: Newcastle University internal examiners

This session is designed to enable colleagues to consider and discuss the examination of Doctoral students and is for prospective and current internal examiners for the doctorate.

It will highlight the role of being an internal examiner at Newcastle University but will also consider how the role may vary with acting that of an external examiner for another institution. The session will be cross-Faculty considering the University regulations with particular input from a very experienced Newcastle examiner. It will include advice on how to approach the assessment of both the submitted work (usually in the form of a Thesis) and the candidate (in a Viva).

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • How do examiners get the job and whether you should agree to examine a thesis?
  • What are examiners expected to do?
  • What are the specific examination procedures to follow?
  • What is the role of an Independent Chair?
  • How can you prepare to examine a thesis?
  • How should you go about examining the thesis and the candidate (including the viva)?
  • What happens after the viva examination?
Success Factors
  • Inspiring others : Communicating
  • Working together : Developing talent
  • Taking responsibility : Finding solutions
Outline Programme

The workshop programme is as follows:

1. Overview: current national context; changes to the doctorate; issues of professional doctorates and size vs. quality; what can be expected “within the time allowed”?

2. Roles of the internal/external examiners and independent chairs; selection criteria for internal examiners; ‘the job’ and its benefits; sources of information; Newcastle University doctoral assessment criteria

3. Procedures and key issues, using examples (case studies of problems encountered, including assessment irregularities and appeals, relevant to a range of subject-disciplines)

4. Experienced examiners’ input: How I tackle the job. How I read the thesis? How I make judgments and formulate questions as a result? How I create pre-viva written reports? How I approach the viva examination?

UKPSF Dimension

Completion of this workshop will help you to evidence the following:

    A3: Assess and give feedback to learners

Unfortunately there are no workshops running at the moment, please feel free to express an interest here and we will be in touch when new dates have been confirmed