Complexity-informed praxis


Developing a complexity-informed funding and commissioning practice: a three year action research project

This blog will give updates on the action-research strand of seeking to create a more-complexity informed management practice, which has emerged out of the report: A Whole New World: Funding and Commissioning in Complexity’.  Working with Toby Lowe, I have been funded by the Tudor Trust for 3 years to support funders and commissioners to help them work to in a complexity-informed way.  This will involve asking questions of what such practice looks like and how organisations come to implement such an approach.  The action-research will capture a wide range of evidence which will form a series of case studies, and will feed into building communities of practice.  The case studies will provide interesting stimulus for knowledge building and sense-making within and across organisations. You can find updates on building communities of practice on Toby Lowe’s blog.

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