2022 Spring Event – ‘Make It Happen’ Week

Hi everyone. It has been a great week because we have the
‘Make It Happen’ Week.

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We are all hardworking bees looking for a bright future.
The team is here to help you make it happen

Preparation Stage (Mar-May 2022)

The preparation for this one-week programme started in late March. The team collected the qualitative data from fellow MA classmates through Google Form. We want to thank your contribution, because these data have formed the basis of our interviews.

We grouped the questions into 3 categories:

  1. Information on the MGH job market
  2. Preparing for application
  3. Further study

Having considered this year’s MA class is an international cohort, we included a fourth category addressing the worries of International students. We decided to conduct one interview in Chinese and provide English subtitles. This approach helps to show the cultural and market differences from the perspective of an international job seeker in the UK and enables students from different countries to be on the same page.

We hope you find the materials helpful, no matter you are international students looking for jobs in the UK or British students looking for jobs in other countries.

We started to invite guests from the MGH team, alumni and Careers Service to have Zoom recordings with us or join us at the in-person event. Meanwhile, we started to organise catering and printing services for the big day.

‘Make It Happen’ Week (9-13 May 2022)

This week, the spring event team has published a series of online content on the 2021-22 MGH community discussion board at Canvas and had an informative alumni sharing event on 11 May 2022.

Set up of the alumni sharing event
We hope you enjoyed the sharing and food.

The online content will stay in the 2021-22 MGH community discussion board at Canvas after the week. So you may revisit them during summer when you’re frustrated in applying for jobs. We hope the tips and experiences from the speakers can alleviate your anxiety a bit.

Remember that you are not alone.

‘It is okay to ask for advice.’

The MGH team and Careers Service always welcome you.

Here is a quick recap on the general tips:

On the Canvas discussion board, you can find the in-depth tips given by our guests in short video format. The edited content and clear titles shall save you time in looking for tips while in stress, for example:

  • When and where to look for MGH jobs
  • What jobs are available
  • Job interviews: Types and tips
  • Working in a different culture
  • Why do a PhD
  • How do I start looking for a PhD programme
  • How do I look for funding for a PhD
  • Making use of NU Careers Service & Linkedin

Final words…

This was our journey to make the ‘Make It Happen’ Week happen.

The project wouldn’t be successful without the participation of fellow classmates. Thank you all!

The team has learned a lot from this project, from analysing data, thinking of ways including different voices, making relationships with internal and external parties, producing attractive visual and textual materials, and promoting the programme.

Many thanks to my teammates. We made it!

Once again, we would like to say many thanks to our speakers
(in alphabetical order):

  • Dr Gonul Bozoglu
  • Ms Amber Brown
  • Dr Briony Carlin
  • Dr Areti Galani
  • Ms Han-Lin Hsieh
  • Dr Dawei Lu
  • Dr Gayle Meikle
  • Mr David Silk

Gook luck, everyone!

Look forward to the MGH Futures Summer Event in July.