Upcoming Events – February 2021

Dr Sarah Burton: ‘The kind of thing you see on Morse’: Dark Academia, Gender, and Aesthetic Practices of the Intellectual

Date: 12th February 2021

Time: 12-1pm

Zoom details to follow

NU Women is delighted to host Dr Sarah Burton from City, University of London (CUL) who will be giving a talk on the relationship between gender and the ‘intellectual’.

Sarah will examine the relationship between gender and ‘the intellectual’, with specific reference to portrayals and depictions of the figure. Sarah’s focus, here, is on how the figure of ‘the intellectual’ has been constructed aesthetically, as well as the aesthetic expectations we have of the sorts of places and spaces intellectuals would inhabit, and what this reveals about how the figure is used to gender academic spaces and knowledge. Sarah will follow Nirmal Puwar’s (2004) scholarship on the importance of the aesthetics of space in contextualising how bodies are read – specifically, how bodies are read as out of place, in keeping, or requiring some form of suppression or control to bring them in line with the ‘somatic norm’.

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Emily Yarrow: An unequal opportunity? Female academics’ experiences of research evaluation in the UK

Date: 26 February 2021
Zoom details to follow 

NU women is pleased to host Dr Emily Yarrow from the University of Portsmouth, and Newcastle University Business School alumna, who will be delivering a lecture on women’s experience of the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

This research investigated gender equality issues surrounding the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014), and how these may manifest themselves in the career development and career trajectories of female academics in the UK.

The potentially harmful effects of research evaluation on academic careers, the way in which research evaluation and its outcomes are managed and experienced, and the extent to which this may intensify academic work were all considered as well as being integral aspects of the interview guides. However, this research also explored, through some of the emergent themes from the interviews, how research evaluation and its outcomes are used as a vehicle for success by some academics.

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