Write For Us

We are always looking for contributors for our blog! This is a great opportunity to develop your writing skills in a style which you may not be familiar with.

Take a look at the various NU Women blog series and decide which one you would like to contribute to.  We have recently launched Going Global for 2018 and are interested in a range of contributors to build the blog. You are also welcome to propose an entry on any gender/career-related topic of your choice!

Please contact paula.fitzpatrick@newcastle.ac.uk for more information. We are willing to discuss any ideas, proofread any draft material, help you set deadlines and even provide a drop in session if you want to come and talk things through face-to-face or Shut Up and Write!

Below are some tips for first time bloggers:

  • Start with an idea – you should have an idea/experience you want to relay to the audience, and this should drive your writing.
  • Set yourself targets – it really shouldn’t take that long to write a blog entry if you already have an idea, as blogs don’t have to be long (somewhere between 300-600 words is a good length for a blog post) – you want to keep people engaged!
  • Be informal – blogging can bring out your own style and you can have fun with it!
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs and sentences – keep it broken up so that it is easy to read. If it looks too long people probably won’t start reading at all. You could also try and create a list e.g. ‘The top 5 tools and methods from the workshop’ so that people can glance over it and get the information easily.
  • Visuals – if it’s a review, you could operate a stars out of 5 system for a simple visual overall evaluation of the event. Similarly, if you have any supporting pictures to include that would really improve the blog visually.
  • Help available – there are loads of great blogging tips materials online, such as:

– http://www.digitalist.info/2015/01/19/advice-for-first-time-bloggers/ 
– https://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/ltdsdigiskills/2016/06/03/thing-11-writing-for-the-web-the-ltds-website-and-blog/

  • Have a go! – just try it out and see where you get! If you need any additional help, we’re here.

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