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More Writing opportunities

I am a student at Sussex University, studying Philosophy and English.

It would be wonderful if you could forward this email on to your philosophy students/anyone you feel would be interested.

We are looking for contributors for a new (philosophical) Metamodern Journal, which endeavors to promote autonomous thought in a world overrun by mass thinking, propaganda and publicity.

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Another unofficial connection

PSE (The Philosophical Society of England) is a group of enthusiasts who believe in the importance of exploring philosophical ideas and their relevance to our social and personal lives. It brings together academic and non-academic philosophers and welcomes everyone who recognises the value of open, critical discussion. Michael Bavidge is currently its President. It sponsors local groups and publishes a journal, The Philosopher. You can find information about the society and the most recent edition of the journal, which includes an article by Adam Potts, at

The journal is well worth reading and the events organized are well worth going to. I have included a link in the tabs above to keep us connected.


I think this is worth looking at and it was founded and implemented by a student on our programme:

Discourse is a Newcastle based project which aims to create more discussion on social topics through the lens of academia by interviewing lecturers in relevant fields. Articles range from feminist lecturers giving their thoughts on the current state of feminism and the gender pay gap to the ethics and politics of pornography. An article currently being produced features an interview with Newcastle Sociologist Elaine Campbell on the discussion of prisoner voting rights as it is currently being debated in the media. Not only does this create more discussion between academics, students and the general public but also gives good experience which can be invaluable for future employment purposes.

I have added a tab to it (above), but you can go directly do it by just clicking here. I know the organiser is looking for interested parties to carry it on next year, and you ought to contact the journal if you are interested.