Exciting opportunity

Are you finishing your degree this year?
Do you want to enhance your CV and improve your job prospects?
Fancy a 3 month work placement in one of Europe’s top cities?

Accentuate (North East) Limited and Newcastle University have teamed up to provide all expenses paid European work placement opportunities in 2016 and 2017.

This exciting opportunity for recent graduates of the University is fully funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ programme. This means that all travel, accommodation and living expenses including food are paid for participants, plus language lessons and cultural activities too. All participants need to pay for are personal purchases, drinks and nights out!

Each placement is for 3 months and takes place in either Prague, Seville, Lisbon or Rome.

Over recent years, Accentuate has sent many north east graduates on similar placements to different cities in Europe, and all have completed their placement successfully and returned to the North East.  The feedback from all of them has been very positive; not only have their work placements been a huge boost on their CVs, but the experience itself of living and working abroad has broadened their horizons, improved their confidence and much more.

The vast majority have now found graduate level jobs, attributing the change in their fortunes in no small part to their European graduate placement, and some have even been offered jobs in their placement companies and gone back to work abroad!

We encourage our participants to record their experience in blogs, and here are some examples (warts and all!):

CORK : http://accentuateukincork2013.wordpress.com/about/
PRAGUE :      http://pragueplacement.wordpress.com/
SEVILLE : https://thetravelinggirl2016.wordpress.com/

Successful applicants will benefit from return flights to the host cities, as well as high quality self-catering accommodation, insurance, and a financial allowance sufficient for 3 meals a day and daily local travel between your accommodation and your placement: in other words, all of your necessary day to day expenses will be paid for by Accentuate.

Accentuate and its partners in the host cities will find you an appropriate placement, which will be tailored to develop the knowledge and skills you have already acquired through your UK degree or college course and will help to enhance your CV: your placement will not require you to speak the language of the country concerned, as it will be in a company or organisation where English is either the working language or commonly spoken. The reason for this is that we do not believe that participants can work at the appropriate graduate level with only a basic understanding of the language. We do however expect, and provide help for, you to learn the language of the country while you are living there, as that is the best way to acquire an understanding of the country and its people.

At the end of your placement, you will have acquired new skills and knowledge, plus language and social skills, all of which will improve your chances of permanent employment in the UK or abroad – you will receive a Europass Mobility Certificate, which is evidence of your skills and knowledge and fully portable throughout the EU.

For more information, please visit our website www.accentuate.uk.com, under Graduate Placement.

If you would like to make an application, please email your CV and motivation letter to rick@accentuate.uk.com

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