Welcome back, non-human email readers

Induction gets under way next week, please check your email for details about where to be and when.  Hopefully you are all recharged.  Anyway, if anyone can help me to understand this email I received, I would be eternally grateful:

Your email has not been read by a human, please do not email this address, contact XXXX directly.

I wonder if a human did not read it, what did…

3 thoughts on “Welcome back, non-human email readers

  1. David
    Apparently there are now automated “email readers” that can look for key words and phrases and send an automated reply or forward the email to the relevant human – like an expanded version of setting “out of office” automated replies.

    Either that or my former Team Leader’s threat of replacing us all with trained monkeys has finally happened!

  2. You have a washing machine to wash your clothes, a computer to spell for you, why not a robot to lecture to you? I am sure there is research money out there (only — to make the Marxist point — exploited human workers are always more profitable!)

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