More Newcastle University Philosophy Activities for you

Some of the extra-curricular philosophy activities for you to enjoy over the next few weeks. All welcome from any discipline/service:

16:00, THURSDAY Mar 9th – Postgraduate Study Workshop. Philosophy Common
Nicholas Brignell (Newcastle Philosophy), Stephen Overy (Newcastle Philosophy)
This session builds on the session last semester about postgraduate study at Newcastle and considers
postgraduate opportunities elsewhere. Lead by Nicky, our postgrad in residence, supported by Stephen (not
long since a postgrad), we’ll consider what to look for in a programme, how to contact a departments, and how
to make an application for both a place on a course, and for funding.

16:00, THURSDAY Mar 16th – Another Film Screening – Slavoj Zizek’s Pervert’s Guide
to Cinema. ARM 1.49.
Stephen Overy (Newcastle Philosophy)
Feel free to bring that special someone (or a bag of popcorn) along to our screening of Zizek’s explication of
psychoanalysis through the medium of modern cinema.
It is a fun romp through the annals of cinema by pop Slovenian philosopher and prolific writer Slavoj Zizek, who finds deep
psychological meaning in a slew of movies. -New York Post
A virtuoso marriage of image and thought. -Variety
For information on these sessions, contact Dr Overy (

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