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Kierkegaard in Process is open for submissions.

Essays submitted for the 2nd issue of Kierkegaard in Process must be submitted by May 15th 2017.

Kierkegaard in Process is a student journal exploring and researching the thoughts of Søren Kierkegaard, created by and for students. We encourage young scholars to develop their academic skills and interests further and provide a platform for publishing and engaging the work of fellows in this field. We publish essays in English and Danish.

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About Kierkegaard in Process:

Kierkegaard in Process is the new Søren Kierkegaard Student Journal, based at the University of Copenhagen. This journal will offer a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to submit their own research on Kierkegaard. We are looking for high quality submissions on a range of topics. We will consider, for example, critical and reflective essays on Kierkegaard’s concepts, Kierkegaard’s relationship and engagement with other thinkers, speculative and interpretative essays, and reviews on recently published books on Kierkegaard, etc. If you are a student and you have written a paper on Kierkegaard, we will consider it.

Kierkegaard in Process responds to the idea that very often students have something great to say, and very often no platform to say it. Kierkegaard in “process” emphasises the thought that one is never finished with the existential project Kierkegaard is communicating and importantly, also that our student contributors are underway with academia, not fully accomplished scholars. Kierkegaard in Process further embodies both the thought that everyone is a continuous student of life and that we as philosophy students are also students of Kierkegaard.

Barney Riggs and Amanda Houmark

Founders of Kierkegaard in Process

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