Updated list of Wednesday afternoon events

A late addition to the list of Wednesday afternoon talks, to which you are welcome, on Wednesday 8th November at 2pm, in BSTC 2.39, Roger Burrows speaks on Nick Land and the ‘dark Enlightenment’, architecture, and many other things besides:

The updated list of events is as follows:
Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2–4pm
Room: BSTC 2.39 (Barbara Strang Teaching Centre), Central Campus, Newcastle University
Readings: Where they are not obvious, recommended readings associated with each talk will be communicated nearer the time by individual lecturers. For the reading groups, students may collectively choose the text they study.

— Introductions are primarily for MLitt students and interested undergraduates.
—‘Talks in apostrophes’ are Work in Progress talks to which all, including staff, are invited.

Semester I

4 25/10 Michael Lewis (Newcastle), Introduction to Italian Thought: Agamben’s What is Philosophy?
5 1/11 Michael Bavidge (Newcastle), Introduction to Wittgenstein
6 8/11 **STOP PRESS!*** Prof. Roger Burrows (Newcastle), ‘Urban Futures and the Dark Enlightenment’
7 15/11 Stephen Overy (Newcastle), Introduction to Psycho-analysis and the Unconscious
8 22/11 Miriam Baldwin (Newcastle), Introduction to Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy
9 29/11 Michael Lewis (Newcastle), ‘Paolo Virno’s Essay on Negation: From Anthropology to Politics’
10 6/12 Stephen Overy (Newcastle), ‘Three Manifestations of Time in Vintage Wine’
11 13/12 Essay and Book Review advice session (Mlitt’s only)

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