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Philosophy Events, 2018

Day and Time:   Wednesdays, 2–4pm (unless otherwise stated)

Room:   BSTC 2.39 (Barbara Strang Teaching Centre), Newcastle University


Semester II


1           31/1/2018   Dan Koczy (Newcastle/Sunderland), Introduction to Deleuze

2         7/2                   David Rose (Newcastle), Introduction to Posthumanism

3          14/2                Sinéad Murphy (Newcastle), Introduction to Judgement

4          21/2                Peter Wolfendale (Newcastle), Introduction to German Idealism

5           28/2               Prof. Andrew Ballantyne (Newcastle), ‘Architectural and Urban Reflections after Deleuze and Guattari’

6          7/3                   Adam Potts (Newcastle), Introduction to Blanchot/Sound Studies

7          14/3                Lisa Foran (Newcastle), ‘Translation in the History of Philosophy’

[Easter Break]

8          18/4                 Andrea Rehberg (Newcastle), Introduction to Anti-Humanism I

9          25/4                 Andrea Rehberg (Newcastle), Introduction to Anti-Humanism II

16/5                              Robert Bernasconi (Penn State)


Other, extra-mural events, organised by Bigg Books/Blackwell Books/Newcastle Philosophy Society

{Locations and times to be confirmed}

April 24th: Markus Gabriel

May 15th: Keith Ansell-Pearson

May 19th: Andres de Saenz Sicilia

June 5th: Gregory Claeys


— Introductions are primarily for MLitt students and interested undergraduates.

—‘Talks in apostrophes’ are Work in Progress talks to which all, including staff, are invited.

— Monday events open to all

(Please note, as the Wednesday sessions are part of a course of teaching for our MLitt students, priority must be given to them in the debates and questions (and seating); for the same reason, these Wednesday sessions are not open to members of the public without special dispensation.)

History of Philosophy without gaps

A nice website devoted in particular to the neglected backwaters (or supposed backwaters) of the history of philosophy is The History of Philosophy Without Gaps (run by a proper professor, hence respectable.)

Not a substitute for real work, but a good way to get acquainted with parts of the history of the philosophy that you wouldn’t otherwise meet, in a preliminary kind of way.

Book of Change Database

The Book of Change (your abstracts and “adverts” from stages 2 and 3) for your dissertations is online. You can access it by clicking here.   The address is:

The Book of Change, Philosophy@Newcastle, represents the research interests of students engaged on the BA (Hons.) in Philosophy, which they pursue through personalised context-driven projects. It is an ongoing reflection on contemporary life and consists of one-page outlines or ‘adverts’ for the projects undertaken by students. Each contribution is unique, but they all share common elements: the key concepts that are addressed and the territory of exploration in which those concepts are applied.