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Philosophy Across Disciplines – Student Conference – Newcastle – 6th June 2018 – Recordings

The primary aim of the conference is to open a space for pre-doctoral students to present their philosophical research within a professional and academic environment. We intend to highlight the ways in which philosophy is interdisciplinary and hence can be utilised across other disciplines such as economics, theology and even geology.
 Please note that the conference is for undergraduate and master’s papers and is, therefore, a space for works in progress.
Running order & Recordings:
Dr Mike Lewis (Guest Speaker):
Hannes Ingo Torbohm:
Ben Glaister:
Leo Kyle:
Rema Grace Gifford:
Gillion Salmon:
Zoe Waters:
Michael Bavidge (Guest Speaker):
Any queries, feel free to get in touch with the organisers.
Best Regards,
Organisers of the Philosophy Across Disciplines Conference.
Contact details:
Hannes Ingo Torbohm
Zoe Waters