Philosophy (academic) Events

All students and staff and alumni welcome to these events, which may be added to as time goes on:



Week 4    FILM SCREENING: Being in the World: Friday 1–2:25pm MERZ.L301

Week 6   Tuesday 6th November 2018, 3pm-5pm Brian O’Connor (University College Dublin), Autonomy as a Political Problem, BSTC.2.51

Week 11    FILM SCREENING: Vita Activa (on Hannah Arendt), Friday 1–2:55 pm in MERZ.L301 (possibly much shorter: I’ve yet to ascertain the film’s length)



Thursday 31st January 2019, 4pm–5pm, BSTC.B.32 – FILM SCREENING: Bryan Magee interviews Herbert Marcuse, BSTC.B.32

And more film screenings, on Sartre, to follow in later weeks.

Which, is to be confirmed.

(If anyone can find a film on Tran Duc Thao, the Vietnamese-French philosopher we’re also covering on the Phenomenology course, with which these film screenings are loosely connected, there are cash prizes.)


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