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Hannah Arendt Film Screening, this Friday 1pm, Merz L301

Dear All,

you’re very welcome to attend a film screening to do with the work of Hannah Arendt, at 1pm this Friday 14th December 2018, in Merz L301.

We haven’t quite decided whether to show Vita Activa or the interview which later took the title ‘What Remains? The Language Remains’, but it’s most likely the latter, because the DVD of the former hasn’t arrived from Israel yet.

(More precisely it has, but they sent me the Hebrew version, without subtitles.)

Please come along. With drinks and discussion, perhaps, in the Northern Stage afterwards, certainly from 3pm onwards, in case anyone who can’t make the film/the whole film wants to join us later.



Philsoc Event: 12th December, 7pm, Nicky, Dan, and Hannes

The NPS, and NUSU’s PhilSoc, invite you to an evening of theory, discussion of the university sector, and free refreshments (tea and cake from the venue).

This will be in the cinema of Quilliam’s Tea Room, and will run from 19:00-21:00 on the 12th December.


Tickets in advance are required for the tea and cake from Quilliams.

Last year there was a sea change in the way university politics operates – students did not strike. It seems that in the modern situation of student life there is a deep conservatism and apathy towards the tools required to adjust our society. For over a hundred years the most effective form of eliciting change was the strike, a moment where the workers would unite, where the people came together to demand they be listened to. It was in this capacity that radical philosophy was often formed, and it was the space for people to work for the common good outside of typical corporate structures.

We are proud to announce that Dr Daniel Koczy, an expert on Deleuze and performance, will be our key-note speaker for the event. He has recently written a book on Beckett, Deleuze and Performance, while also being a defender of the strikes in the Newcastle University Philosophy Department. He will be supported by Nicholas Brignell and Hannes Ingo Torbohm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

PhD funding for Philosophy 2019-20

Do apply to come and study for a Philosophy PhD at Newcastle University:

State-funding for European and UK students is available from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) under the heading of the ‘Northern Bridge Consortium’:

Click here for details:   PhD Studentships in the Arts and Humanities for 2019 Entry

Visit the department website for some more information on applying for a place, which should be done first. Approach a possible supervisor, and then apply, mentioning that you’ve made that contact.