Philosophy Across Disciplines – Newcastle Philosophy Student Conference 2019 – 5th June

“Philosophy across Disciplines” is a student conference that runs annually at Newcastle University. We are now accepting invite submissions from all students at an undergraduate and pre-doctoral postgraduate students (e.g. MA, MLitt or MPhil).

Our aim is to explore philosophical research incorporated within other subjects, so it is geared towards both philosophy students as well as any student from a humanities or social sciences background. If you have any research where philosophy is applied to another topic, you may already have the groundwork for your paper! For Newcastle University philosophy students, this is an ideal opportunity to present your research undertaken for the Project module.

Presenting at the conference is an invaluable opportunity for any student desiring to refine their public speaking and presenting skills, which can be later evidenced within your CV to any future employer or role that may necessitate such proficiencies (such as teaching, academia, public relations, research role etc.). Moreover, this is a chance to further these skills in a much more relaxed and student-led environment.

Students will be expected to present their research within a 10-minute time frame, followed by a 5 minute Q & A session. Alternatively, a 20-minute time frame can be requested.

To apply, we require a 300-word abstract describing the research you desire to present. Please include information on your discipline, the scholars you engaged with and a short bio featuring your name, institution, and level of study.

The conference will be on the 5th of June 2019 and is free to attend.

Submissions must be sent to by the 1st of May 2019.

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