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PhD funding for Philosophy at Newcastle

PhD funding for European/UK students at Newcastle is provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and is described as a part of the Northern Bridge Consortium of North Eastern and Northern Irish universities. Details may be found here:

Please identify a potential supervisor or supervisory team first, speak to them, and then apply as soon as possible for the degree with Newcastle University.

The University decides on which applications to nominate for AHRC funding in early January, so all applications must be in by then, and students must be readily available in January and February to work closely on the funding application with us.

Thinking Differently in Philosophy

The ‘Thinking Differently in Philosophy’ Conference run on the 22nd of November was an interesting event in which eight speakers presented on the topic of thinking differently.

Thanks to all of the speakers, including our two guests, Tom Moynihan and Enrico Monacelli, and our six student speakers, many of whom were presenting in public for the first time.

We hope to run similar events in future years, giving our students the chance to see young thinkers in action, and to participate in formal academic events themselves.

Tom Moynihan – Thinking Differently for 50,00 years: A History of the Human Mind as Crucible of the Counter-to-Fact
Tom’s Q & A session.
Student Panel on ‘thinking differently’ (l to r) Izzy Mitcham, Valentina Di-Maio, Joshua Kaluba, Mary Redfearn
Enico Monacelli – The Genesis of Thought From Early Psychoanalysis to Negrastani’s Intelligence and Spirit